Blockchain Basics

The only education you need to safely manage your Cryptocurrency

With Blockchain Basics you get complex information explained in simple easy to follow tutorials. Everything you need to know about the complexities of Cryptocurrency are allocated in this one easy to use digital course. No get rich schemes.. just organized step by step information to take you from confused to confident about handling Cryptocurrency transactions.
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Less Is More...
When I first got into the crazy world of Cryptocurrency 6 years ago I was blown away with the amount of scams and fraudulent information out there.  The truth is that decentralization is not a pretty as you think. I love the fact that the Blockchain has to power to create internet 3.0 and give freedom to the people but I don't think this will actually become a reality if people don't educate themselves.
I want you to imagine the internet before it came out in 1983...
Now imagine that your physical money was attached to your online identity like Cryptocurrency. Online hackers and computer architects would most likely completely take advantage of the average users resources. Think about it... even in the year 2019  people are getting still getting scammed and being taken advantage of.
The leap from no internet in 1983 to the current internet in 2019 is a smaller leap from the current internet to Blockchain based internet.
I know that may be hard to understand but the digital world is being completely flipped on its backside with Blockcahin technology. Cryptocurrency can empower the world but its a double edge sword. If you don't know what your doing it can be a dangerous place. Blockchain Basics was meant to take a person that knows nothing about this space to proficiently sending, storing, and receiving their coins in the safest way possible. 
meet the master behind the Course
Alexander Lorenzo
My name is Alexander Lorenzo. I first got into Cryptocurrency 6 years ago and never looked back. My passion is educating people on the future of technology.
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